Saturday, May 19, 2012

Top 10 overlooked fabulously gorgeous paint colors

Choosing the perfect paint color is no easy task.  As a color consultant, I guide home and business owners with selecting the ideal color for their spaces.   A while back Sherwin-Williams Paints came out with a small fan deck called Concepts in Color.  I was enamored with this spectrum of gorgeoues new colors! Yes, I get excited about color.  At first when you look at these small chips it’s easy to dismiss these colors as boring and dull but once on the wall you’re sure to fall in love. So get out your brushes and freshen up with these beauties. You can thank me later! 

RICE GRAIN SW 6155 A fresh tan with an ever slight hint of green. A perfect modernized neutral to replace the yellowy tans from years back. Sophisticated and goes with everything which makes it a great choice for hallways and foyers.

REFUGE SW 6228 The name says it all...This vivid blue has the right amount of saturated color without looking jeuvenile. Remeniscent of slate and the sea this deep color will make your dining room sing or your bedroom a flawless “retreat.” Great for powder rooms or home offices too.

ETHEREAL MOOD SW 7639 Looking at the chip this is not anything that immediately stands out, but I call this color the chameleon of the browns. Like its name, it takes on different moods. A brown that in different times of the day adopts several looks. Its a browny, greeny, earthy, slatey bundle of yum. I love this color. 

EVENING SHADOW SW 7662 Don’t be fooled by this gray. It has the ideal combination of blue and gray that makes it a perfect masculine AND feminine color. This modern cool hue pairs well with browns and blues alike.  A sure winner for a bedroom or spa bath. Simply dreamy.

A eloquent gray that reeks sophistication and class.  Make a statement with this powerful shade that can be both modern AND traditional.

FOOTHILLS SW 7514 Foothills is a intense dark brown with loads of life. Don’t be bashful to use this dark color. This timeless shade can pair up perfectly with other browns or can be complimented with a multitute of colors including oranges, turquoises and reds. Great for family rooms, home offices and bedrooms. 

GRAPEY SW 7629 Not your grandma's mauve... Pair up this juicy color with a gray, silver, or chocolate brown and you have nothing but GLAMOUR! Perfect for the home office, powder room and bedrooms.

PAVESTONE SW 7642 Feeling fickle? Not sure if you want brown or gray well here you go.  A grown up color sure to bring definition to any room. A color with longevity that you’ll love for a long time. 

CREAMY SW 7012  So here favorite trim color. CREAMY,  the warm relative of it’s cool blueish SUPER WHITE cousin. Often homeowners want a crisp white.  Well CREAMY fits the bill. She is the foolproof compliment to this entire color scheme without casting too much of a color. Great color for ceilings too.

SILVERMIST SW 7621 I saved my favorite for last. It’s the perfect blue, not too dark and not too light. This blue steers away from the powder blues and creates a cooling calmness. I used this blue for a home office in a showcase home and by far it was the most inquired about color. Pair it up with black and white and you have a home run.

*Please note that the color representation may vary.

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