Saturday, May 18, 2013

Super Hero's to the Rescue

Often a child needs a little inspiration to encourage them to spend time in their bedroom. This past week I had a blast painting a Superhero medley in a 6 year old boy's room. Danny art directed the entire room and let me know exactly who his favorite heros were. He was particularly inspired by seeing the Iron Man 3 movie and the filming of Spiderman 3 here in Downtown Rochester.  After completion he told me, "I never wanted to leave my room." Music to my ears... No villains allowed!

Marvel's Spiderman with city skyline 

DC Comic's Batman
Marvel Comic's Iron Man 
The Cartoon Network's Ben 10 Omniverse
Diamond head 

Heat Blast

Four Arms

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Minecraft Mural Madness

      Last week I was commissioned to paint a mural in an 8 year old boy's room.  At our first meeting, myself and the boy's parents gathered in the all white room to discussed what they wanted me to paint. They told me that their son liked Lego's and computer games. No problem. I had painted lego murals before... They told me that their son's all time favorite video game was Minecraft and that he spend hours upon hours creating his kingdom.  I had never heard of Minecraft before and they giggled. Hey, I have a daughter who's into fashion! It didn't take me long to figure out what this craze was all about.  I went straight to my 11 year old nephew and his friends for a Minecraft consultation and tutorial. He taught me how the Minecraft's images are pixilated (old school to me) and how it all worked.... Six days later with the help of my assistant the white room was no more. It is now "The sickest room ever!" according to my 8 year old client.... 

Detail of the wall behind the bed. My assistant and I taped off every square with Scotch Blue Painter's tape for clean crisp lines. We used Sherwin Williams Emerald Paints for easy two coat coverage. The Emerald line is excellent for low VOC.


Before: big white room

After; a portrait of the homeowner's house and front yard pond with fountains.

Up close image of the pond

                                                    A Minecraft Creeper and Wolf

I'm in love with Minecraft Steve and his trusty Duck.