Sunday, September 15, 2013

a Trendy Teen Table that Travels

     Recently my daughter has been looking for a new bedside table with ample storage for all her collections. She, unlike me, likes everything new, trendy and hip. All of which ends up costing a pretty penny. So when I came across a vintage suitcase at the thrift store for $2 and a TV table for $1. I knew just what to do.
    I predrilled four holes inside on the bottom of the suitcase. I then attached it to the top of the TV table using 1" wood screws. I wanted to make the table portable so I made sure that the handle was facing on the top side of the table when folded down. I gave her a fresh coat of Satin Sherwin William paint in Overt Green SW 6718 and painted the handle a raspberry purple that complimented the colors in her curtains.  I added some garage sale dog bookends that got a fresh coat of turquoise Rustoleum spray paint.  IT was that simple!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Clients and friends of mine are always telling me their "want lists" so when my good friend Shey needed a petite sized desk for her daughter's bedroom without spending fortune I knew just what to do.

I had found the week earlier a curbside a desk and chair that fit the bill.  The desk was sturdy and in overall good shape with the exception of a small chip in one of the drawers.

I painted the desk with leftover white paint to match Shey's all white shabby chic decor. The chair was painted in Sherwin Williams Nurture Green SW 6541. I used leftover pink, red, and cream spray paint for the hardware. By lightly spraying the red over the hot pink the colors blended to make a beautiful coral color in the rug. After one coat, I pumped the cream colored spray paint to achieve a splattered look.

Then took discontinued fabric books and cut strips of the swatches so that I could mix up the patterns and still have it cover the entire bottoms of the drawers while keeping a cohesive design. I glued the fabric using Satin Modge Podge ( can also use watered down white glue). Let dry and then lightly distressed chair with sandpaper.

This whole project cost me nothing but my time... 4 hours + leftover supplies = one happy little girl ready for the school year.