Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend Decorating Trash to Treasure painted Armoire

While cleaning out my mother's barn last weekend we came across this sad but cute armoire missing glass and in need of some repairs. Everyone thought that it should go in the donate/trash/sale pile but I had better plans for this beauty. I was in need for a new bookcase for my living room. Below are pictures of the armoire transformation from trash to treasure in very little time and for very little money. A weekend project that anyone can tackle with little effort. 

1. Remove doors and hardware. Save for future project or in case I ever want to change back to armoire. 

2. Clean out cobwebs and dust.

3. I knew that I wanted to add a small lamp onto one of the shelves so I raised the top shelf up to allow for the 15"' lamp.
I then drilled a hole in the right bottom for the plug.   I wanted to keep it's rustic feel so I did not fill in the screw holes with wood filler.

4. I painted the armoire a deep blue color with Home Depot's Behr Premium Plus Self-priming Interior Satin Enamel ( low odor and No VOC) Signature Blue UL240-22. Two coats covered perfect and enough of the quart was left over for future projects.

5. I distressed the edges by sanding with a rough grit sandpaper.

6. All finished and waited overnight before I filled the shelves. Although the paint may be dry to the touch in a few hours it is best to let dry overnight so that heavy objects don't stick and the primer/paint have time to cure.