Monday, June 10, 2013

PICTURE (not so) PERFECT- a decoupage tutorial

Last week I ran into a client friend at Home Goods an she mentioned that she loved seeing all my upcycling projects that I post on my Facebook page. She had just left the Goodwill store next door and couldn't find anything to to help accessorize her mantle. I thought to myself "She couldn't find anything?" So I left Home Goods and took her frustration as a challenge. I texted her a picture of my thrift shop score. So this ones for you Margot.  Hope you like the finished product. Just look for good bones and never mind about the color. You can always paint it!

My cute faded "little duck saying hello to a turtle" picture. You can see the price. I had big plans for this small investment. I loved the gold leaf frame but sadly my friend had to go....

I removed the faded image and began decoupaging tissue paper from a gift that I received. I first gave the frame a coat of old fashioned Modge Podge but any white glue would do.  The first coat of the glue adheres the paper and the second acts as a topcoat.

As I mentioned earlier I loved the gold leafing so I cut the paper with an X-acto blade knife very carefully using the dark ridge as a guide. This could be done with wrapping paper, fabric, wallpaper or any other kind of paper.

After cutting the tissue paper, I gave the entire frame a thick coat of Modge Podge as a sealant. I carefully used the brush to even out all the creases and air bubbles. It goes on white and dries clear.

I have had these cute bee curtain pins for some time now. I never really used them on curtains but I thought they would make great decorative nails. I made a bow and stapled it to the back and found a beveled oval mirror at Micheal's that I tacked in.

I grouped the small mirror with a collection of other neutral colored artwork.

Total time spent on project - 1 hour and cost is under $10.

Every week I will be posting a simple up cycling project. I will give the time spent and overall cost. Let me know what you think.

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