Saturday, June 15, 2013

Upcycled Father's Day Gifts

 Last weekend my family and I finally made it to one of Country Living magazine's Fair. I have been wanting to go for a few years now but it has always been held too far away. This year it was held at the Duchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, New York so there was no reason to miss the event filed with handmade creations, homemade foods, informative demonstrations, captivating speakers and great antiques. We left Rochester at 4:45am and made it to Rhinebeck in 5 hours just as the gates opened. It poured the first day but that didn't dampen this treasure hunting family. We picked up a few items (well, a truckload and SUVfilled to the brim) and I had Father's day in mind for a few of my scores. These projects are super simple and need little to no experience with power tools....

Shoe last and vintage red Stanley level. 

Shoe last coat hook  I found this basket overflowing with them so I picked a bunch up for $5. each. I love them so much I have a pair on my fireplace hearth.
Shoe lasts are wooden forms in the shape of a human foot used in shoemaking to provide fit and style of a shoe.

I drilled a pilot hole in the toe of the shoe last. It was narrow so I needed to use a small bit. I screwed in a small C hook and drilled a hole in the back for a screw. You could also use a simple saw tooth picture frame hook just below the metal heel. Its as simple as that.

LEVEL KEY HOOK- I measured out every inch and drilled a small pilot hole for the L hooks. If you don't have a drill you can simply nail a hole and remove the nail giving you a start for the screw. I placed saw tooth hangers on the back. The best thing was that I didn't need a level to hang it!
Too bad my father's name isn't Stanley

This could also be used as a tie rack.
TOOL BOX COFFEE TABLE- The tool chest was bought for $12. I added some legs that I sawed off from a desk (thats another project). I screwed the legs from the inside of the tool chest. The great thing about it is that there is storage inside. Storage and a table.. bonus!
This can be opened without removing all the items on the top. Thats a tiny hidden drawer at the bottom.

Stopping to smell the flowers... These oversized magazine banners were scattered all over the Fair.

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